Aesthetic Dentistry and Smile Design

Dental aesthetics aims to restore the patient’s smile through a series of specialized procedures. Dental aesthetics offers many repair benefits. For example, white dental fillings, photopolymerizable, are a common procedure used to treat caries teeth.

Surgery and Implantology

Implantology is a branch of dental medicine dealing with damaged or lost teeth replacement. The benefits can include aesthetics, chewable utility, work is permanent and well tolerated by the body.


Orthodontics is the process by which asymmetries, sprains, congestion, or any other complex teeth treatment are corrected. This procedure is the specialty of dentistry that deals with the alignment of the teeth on the arch with orthodontic appliances.

Prosthetic dentistry

Dental prosthetics deals with the making of crowns or bridges, dentures, dental faces. Its purpose is to achieve a balanced and functional aesthetic teeth. Dental prosthesis is not just aesthetics. A functional reconstruction is also required, which means that phonation, mastication and dental occlusion should be taken into account to avoid bruxism.


Endodontia is a branch of dentistry that deals with the study and treatment of affections of dental pulp and apical paradon. Therefore, edonontia deals with the treatment of dental pulp infections and their complications in the tissue under the teeth – the apical periodontium.

Pediatric dentistry

It is the specialty that carries children’s teeth care. It is a branch of dental medicine that deals with the specific treatment of dental teeth and young teeth.


Dental radiography is the image of a tooth or jaw, made after that area has been exposed to X-rays.

Often such radiography is vital during dental treatments.